Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love being reminded that kids are smarter than we think, surprise us with new and creative ideas that we never would have thought of ourselves, and keep things fresh and full of humor.

As I dig into the research of seeing what else is out there in terms of honoring kids' minds, ideas, skills, and innate abilities to learn anything they have interest in, I am in love with Musical Futures... a musical initiative in the UK that partners up with kids in building the music curriculum and has this amazing partner website, NUMU, that is an interactive site for participating schools that allow their students to do everything from listen to and upload their own original music, to post blogs, comment on each others' work, and even create and manage their own recording label.

Although I've only listened to a handful of the literally hundreds of tracks posted by these young musicians, I am so moved by listening to the self expression and beautiful musicianship these artists have put out there for the world to hear. Listen to this one... I can't stop!

This actually makes me want to run home and pick up my own guitar! Boy, if this student is motivating a TEACHER to want to go write her own music, I can only imagine the excitement that students will generate for one another!

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